There are countless ways to enjoy your vacation time in Bocas del Toro.  Punta Rica is the perfect place to read a book in a hammock, watch for birds and other jungle life, as well as relax with a beverage on the spacious verandas, however, there are many other adventurous and exciting things to do while you’re visiting the islands.

We are happy to assist you with arranging activities or tours you would like to partake in during your stay in our beautiful island home.  Following is a list of suggested activities with our fellow friends and business owners.  Feel free to read through it and inquire about anything you might be interested in.

You can make one of the three choices: house captain and VIP service, local botero and lanchas or commercial tour from Bocas Town.

We’ve also listed the most popular beaches and surfing spots in the area as a helpful reference to you.  The islands are a haven for lovers of beaching, sunbathing and water sports enthusiasts.

Things To Do

Beaches of Bocas del Toro

holiday vacation, tropical vacation, bocas del toro, bocas del toro vacation, panamaBluff Beach—incredibly picturesque beach on the eastern shore of Isla Colon.  There are usually only a few other beach-goers here as it is far out of town.  You can take a taxi or rent a bike to get to this beach.  Be very careful swimming here as the rip tides can be dangerous.  This is a great beach for sunbathing and taking a leisurely walk.

Red Frog Beach—most popular beach in Bocas del Toro, located on the northeastern shore of Isla Bastimentos.  You must take a water taxi to get to this beach.  There are a small bar and restaurant on this beach, and it is possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

Wizard Beach—this is a smaller beach, and is the closest one to Bastimentos Town.  You may either have a water taxi drop you off, or you may walk over a hill on the back side of town to reach this beach.  This is also generally a very quiet beach.

Bocas del Drago—smaller beach located on the northern tip of Isla Colon.  You can get there via water taxi, or by taking a bus or land taxi.  It is a beautiful 40 minute drive up the center of the island.  Nice, calm water for swimming and snorkeling, and there is a restaurant here also.

Starfish Beach—narrow beach located on the northwestern shore of Isla Colon, yet the water is generally always calm and very clear here, so it is a popular spot for swimming and snorkeling.  There are many starfish hanging out near the shore here.

Zapatillas Cays—these two small islands located southeast of Isla Bastimentos have the reputation of being the most beautiful in all of Bocas.  White sand beaches, aqua blue waters and great snorkeling make this a perfect day trip.

Surf Bocas del Toro

holiday vacation, tropical vacation, bocas del toro, bocas del toro vacation, panamaDumpers—located on the eastern shore of Isla Colon.  Aptly named both because of the power of this hollow left hand reef break and the fact that there used to be a garbage dump just behind the trees that line the beach here. If you hit Dumpers on the right day you’ll be rewarded with some of the best lefts in the archipelago. Dumpers breaks off a reef headland. The drops are steep and the barrels are big. This is a well known spot but it’s rarely crowded.

Paunch—located on the eastern shore of Isla Colon. Paunch is one of the only spots in Bocas where crowds can be a factor. However, with a little respect and a mellow attitude you can still get plenty of waves to yourself.  It’s a reef break that breaks both right and left with the right being steeper and faster while the left is much longer. 100 yard lefts aren’t uncommon. The left also kicks you into the channel and makes the paddle out much easier.

Isla Carenero—the main break is located on the northeastern tip of the island. The island of Carenero is much smaller than Isla Colon but still gets some great surf.  Once you’re there you’ll see a succession of left-hand point breaks that fire off the reef. There are a number of take off spots so even when there’s a small crowd you wouldn’t notice. When the swell is big Carenero will connect for some really long rides with some heavy tube sections.

Silverbacks–an open ocean spot located between Isla Carenero and Isla Bastimentos. Silverbacks has been called by some the biggest, heaviest wave in the Caribbean.  This Hawaiian-esque big wave spot doesn’t start to show until it’s over ten feet and its rideable with well over 20 foot faces. It’s mainly a big, steep right with a huge barrel. Experienced surfers only.

Isla Bastimentos–The island of Bastimentos has a number of surfable spots. One of the better known breaks is Wizard Beach. This is a beach back with fast powerful rights and lefts. Many days you can have the entire beach all to yourself.   Long Beach offers one of the most pristine waves in Bocas.  Red Frog is not only a popular swimming beach, but great place to surf as well.

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